A General Idea About The Spy Camera Pen

The spy camera pen is simply another type of hidden, wireless camera. Just like the spy camera glasses, the spy camera pen is equally useful when used to carry out a private investigation. One very interesting thing about the camera being used in this case is the fact that: it is usually nicely hidden in the pen [which also doubles up as a normal writing pen without raising any suspicion]. Recording using the spy camera attached to the pen is usually very easy. This is because you can either choose to have the pen attached to yourself [preferably on your coat or on the pocket of your shirt]. Besides this, you can also simply have the spy camera pen freely resting onto of the desk. The most amazing use of this pen is perhaps when using it to write while it captures whichever images you are interested in and transmitting them without being noticed.

Features of a good spy camera pen

Since the spy camera pen is meant to satisfy the requisites of most common mini hidden cameras, there are certain advanced features which should not miss failure to which you risk detection while recording. Some of these features which set spy camera pens from normal hidden cameras include:

i. Weight and size: these two are by far the most crucial since they rule out any possibilities of suspicion/detection at first sight.

ii. The hidden camera should have very good resolution range. This is very important especially since in most cases the video records will be taken slightly far away from the subject or objects being focused on [to avoid detection or suspicion].

iii. The camera should be able to operate well even under poorly lit areas.

iv. The spy pen camera should also have a long battery life

An overview of how the spy camera pen works

The spy camera pen is designed with a transmitter in it. This serves to transmit the images being recoded to the receiver for analysis and storage. The best thing about these pens is the fact that the manner in which they are designed makes it very easy to set up a station to receive live feeds of whatever is being recorded. In such a case however, you need to have or attach an external monitor in the surveillance room.

Some spy pen cameras have internal storage space which allows for the storage of a certain number of images temporarily after which they can then be downloaded onto a personal computer.

Bottom line

Generally, the cleverly concealed camera that lies inside the working pen is what makes the spy camera pen one less suspecting surveillance tool available at the moment. Taking into consideration the fact that it is very easy to use and the fact that it has features such as: a transmission range of up to 180 feet while placed either in the pocket, on top of the desk or simply held in the hand and still flawlessly transmitting images [especially live coverage], kit is very clear that the spy camera pen is a surveillance tool of its own kindn whose surveillance capability is at the moment incomparable to none other.